Greenwich Bay - White Tea Calendula Body Wash

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  • WHITE TEA CALENDULA hand soap, shea butter lotion & exfoliating body wash, enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter & white tea extracts
  • SUPERB AND SOOTHING: Smell the pleasant fragrance of this product that relaxes you and makes you move in complete confidence after a shower, too.
  • ENHANCES YOUR SKIN: Using this on a regular basis leaves your skin radiantly glowing as it pampers your skin and gives it an unforgettable fragrance, too
  • LONG-LASTING SCENT: Using this soap gives you a soothing fragrance that leaves you pleasantly fragrant and giving you a fresh and cool vibes after bath
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: This item is made of fine quality material to enhance your skin while it removes the dirt and grime of the day. Use this anytime of the day and feel its fine quality.
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